Litigation Services

Scriptyum India Pvt. Ltd is pioneer in providing litigation support services to Big/Midsized law firms, in-house legal departments of Companies. Scriptyum India Pvt. Ltd litigation support services are of high quality coupled with faster turnaround time. We have the privilege to have expert attorneys and lawyers in our organization who carry with them extensive experience in handling complicated legal issues. Our attorneys are trained across all of our service areas. This makes Scriptyum India Pvt. Ltd lawyer's services invaluable to litigation attorneys. Our team can provide comprehensive litigation support throughout a case. We will work with your law firm /in-house legal department to devise a suite of services that are simple and designed to your specific requirements.

Litigation Document Coding

Scriptyum India Pvt. Ltd has developed the best practices to improve its procedures in classifying and organizing documents and coding database information. Scriptyum India Pvt. Ltd. inculcates sound professional ethics and know-how of market practices in its executives and employees in all levels to build a strong foundation in providing quality services. Throughout the market, Scriptyum India Pvt. Ltd has established a solid reputation for its accuracy, promptness, integrity and competence.

Correctly unitized and coded documents help in creation of accurate databases, saving the time and effort of the end user to a great extent. The know-how of sound academic ethics and knowledge of market practices have become the guiding phenomenon for determining “How Best to Unitize the Documents and Code the Database Information.”

E-Dictionary Support

Electronic Documents undergo automatic EDD processing followed by image quality control. EDD tools generally have a built-in quality control module. Nevertheless, the possibility of overlooking a bad TIFF image still stands. Also, many electronic documents need manual technical expertise to be converted into TIFF. Therefore, EDD Technical Support and/or quality control processing are done manually by our experienced and dedicated personnel to ensure that all images are converted in good condition.

E-Brief Hyper-linking

Electronic Hyperlinked Briefs, also known as Linked Electronic Briefs or E-Briefs are modern and efficient representations of briefs filed in courts of law. Most courts are turning towards paperless document management by implementing electronic document filing systems. An E-Brief file is simply the digital representation of a customary paper brief and its reference documents. These E-Briefs along with its supporting materials are hyperlinked to other core litigation documents. Hyperlinked briefs provide convenience and allow quick document review. Lawyers and legal experts can easily view the documents, as well as their citations, articles, deposition testimony, previous briefs, transcripts, exhibits and audio and video clips among other documents and evidences.