Background :

We are a transcription industry leader in providing medical transcription services and medical record services.

The Challenge :

We needed a standard platform that would allow all the transcription and assignment workflow engines to communicate and streamline the day-to-day operation. Originally, we were using workflow and transcription system that were not integrated and required significant amount of manual process to keep track of the transcription performed by the Medical Transcriptionist and the Quality Assurance performed by internal processing team. Our team designed and developed a hosted middleware web based application that would tie all the core components and automate the business process with real-time reporting and tracking component to allow to account for each step of the process.

Solution :

Scriptyum designed and developed Cloud-based Medical Transcription Portal that was the primary platform to streamline and automate our day-to-day business process. We were successful in creating a backend work flow process that streamlined the business process with minimal human error and achieved cost reduction. We used Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), Microsoft SQL Azure Database and Microsoft C# to develop the enterprise level cloud-based web application. The Medical Transcription Portal is composed of the following distinct functional modules:


Task management :

This module streamlines the work assignments and completion of transcription by the Medical Transcriptionist.

Upload :

This module will allow the admin to upload multiple patient details comprised in an excel sheet along with the patient’s details hard copy in PDF format.

Reports :

Patients reports will be auto generated depending on different parameters assigned.

Documents Archive (Client Management – Portal) :

The client portal allows us direct access to their archived medical records. This module provides clients with basic and advance search features to allow them to view or download their work. This module is an online archiving portal to allow clients to access their patient information anytime and anywhere.

Automated Task Allocation :

Tasks will be auto allocated to different transcriptionists based on their availability.

Billing :

Automated invoicing and billing based on the completed assignments in the Task Management module. This module provides easy email based invoicing as well as flexible manual invoicing with special billing cycle.

Payroll :

Provided complete payroll report with complete employee line count, hourly and contribution amount.