Background :

Our client is a physiotherapy center providing services in physiotherapy, chiropractic care, massage therapy, holistic nutrition, personal training, acupuncture, Pilates, reflexology and Reiki and Indian head massage. They wanted to maintain the records of the existing and upcoming appointments and details regarding the services they rendered to the patient during the visit.

The Challenge :

Our client needed a standard platform that would allow all the doctors and patients to make the online appointment and follow it. Originally, they were following the doctor, therapist and patient through manual writing. So the client seeks Scriptyum help to decide a platform where all the health records can be saved so that they can access it with their own credentials and also from other social networking sites. A solution for the administrators can manage the information and use it as and when needed.

Solution :

Scriptyum analyses the problem and comes with a solution that can cater to all the categories.

The application provided the features and technology that allows patients and doctors to securely schedule their appointments. Automated reminder system allows both parties to be reminded of the upcoming appointments/cancellations. The system allows report generation (word/pdf) based on filters for both patients and doctors. Administrator – has super-access and can control all aspects of the system. Patient – has features to manage and create appointments. Doctor – has features to manage and schedule appointments. Front Desk User – to manage and schedule on-spot appointments and generate billing details.


Appointment Management System :

This is the important module of the website. This can be categorized into three parts

  • Patient View
  • Doctor View
  • Super Admin View

Patient View :

A calendar with all the doctors’ availability and schedule will be available. A patient can able to check with the available doctor and the available time for a doctor. By selecting the required doctor and the time, he can fix the appointment by filling an Information form. Patient Information Form will collect the required details about the patient and fixes an appointment with the doctor based on the availability, (name, DOB, Address, Contact number, alternate number, patient status, problems facing, service required, doctor name, preferred time and date etc.) Instant intimation will be given to the patient and also an Email will be sent to the patient along with the details of the appointment (Patient id, reference number, doctor details, time details etc.). The same intimation will be sent to doctors also. If the required slot for the particular doctor is not available, the same will be intimated to the patient immediately. In case of any change in the appointment from Doctor’s side.

The intimation will be sent as an Email or SMS and also through phone call. Re-scheduling / cancelling of the appointment options will also be provided to the client for changing the appointments. If a registered user of the website, the previous appointment details will also be available for reference.

Doctor View :

A doctor can login into the website like and he can able to view the appointments available. Every doctor will have an individual page to view their patient appointment details only. They are not allowed to view other doctor’s appointments and patient details. Doctor will have options to enter the availability status and timings for the day, or week and will have options to edit the same before the specific intervals set by the hospital. Doctor can able to view the patient details and contact numbers (non editable) Doctor can able to cancel the appointment and the same will be automatically intimated to the patient through patient intimation options available.

Doctor can re-schedule the appointment and the same will be accepted based on the approval of the patient. Doctor can view the appointments as a report for easy accessibility. Proper intimation email/ SMS will be sent to the doctor and patients whenever required.

Super Admin View :

Super admin will have all the functionalities of patient & doctor. Will have rights to cancel or edit an appointment. Can able to view all the doctors and patient related information’s available will have options to add new doctors and services offered. Will have options to control the contents of complete website. Can generate reports on the appointments on daily, weekly and monthly basis can check reports on doctor-based patient inflow & service-based patient inflow.